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Screening Trees

A very pretty and tall decorative evergreen tree which grows in a column like structure.  It has broad dark green glossy leaves which flushes bronze and maroon during new growth.  Growth size: 8- 10m h x 4-6m w. Positioning: Full sun to light shade. Temperament: Lig..
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The Blueberry Ash tree is beautiful medium to tall growing evergreen tree or shrub which boasts an ornamental display of white or pink flowers in spring, followed by blue fruits or both together.Trees supplied are generally pale pink flowering.Variety supplied is either Elaeocarpus reticulatus ..
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A narrow, conical, upright conifer which has grey green foliage bearing small blueish fruits which is attractive to birds.**These are only available in NSW/Sydney atm in 100L bags only. Size: Up to 8m h x 2-3m w Growth rate: Fast Positioning: Full sunTolerances: Frost hardy, wind toler..
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An evergreen conifer which grows in a conical like structure. Its extremely hardy and low maintenance as it keeps its form as it grows.  Chunkier than the pencil pines.  Growth size: 4-6m h x 1m w Position: Full sun Temperament: Frost tolerant Perfect for: ..
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Bearing small green glossy leaves with the distinctive Magnolia brown velvet texture underneath, producing beautiful creamy sizeable flowers.   Growth size: 4m h x 3m w  Positioning: Prefers part shade Temperament: Tolerates city pollution Perfect for: Hedgi..
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A beautiful evergreen with dark green and brown foliage producing large creamy white fragrant flowers.   Growth Size: 4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Frost tolerant Perfect for: Feature planting, HedgeingHeight Approximates for this Variety:400mm..
Ex Tax:$230.00
A tight and narrow forming Magnolia with a beautiful form named after it's large oval foliage which looks like teddy bear ears!  With the classic Magnolia green foliage on the top and velvety brown underneath. Size: 3-4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Fr..
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The Olive Tree is reminiscent of a European garden and perfect for screening, feature tree, pots and to enjoy the fruit!  Many varieties available - Please ask us! Prices vary so please contact us for prices in your preferred sizeHeight Approximates in Pots for this Variety:400mm -&nb..
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A hardy ornamental pear with upright and pyramid like form also known as 'Chanticleer' or 'Glenns Form', with shiny deep green leaves turning to shades of red, orange & purple in autumn followed by masses of white flowers in spring. Size: 10m h x 4-5m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade ..
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A deciduous tree with silvery grey foliage and showy clusters of white flowers in spring Size: 8m h x 5m w Positioning: Prefers sunny position Temperament: Frost and drought tolerant Perfect for: Pleaching, screening, feature tree Height Approximates for this Variety:400mm - 1.4-1.6..
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A native evergreen tree which is an improved form of the Tristaniopsis laurina. It bears larger shinier leaves which starts with contrasting copper/orange new growth and turns to deep green, bearing clusters of scented yellow flowers in summer.  Very popular as a landscaping tree.&nbs..
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Waterhousea floribunda is a stunning taller growing lilly pilly evergreen tree with a dense canopy and known for its weeping dark green glossy foliage which turns to beautiful shades of pinks before dropping, bearing white flowers in summer.   ** PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE IN LOW SUPPLY IN N..
Ex Tax:$160.00
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