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An attractive small deciduous tree producing year round colour of dark purple leaves in spring and then turning tones of reds in summer and autumn.   Growth size: 3m w x up to 4m h Positioning: Part sun to shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed areas or hot winds Pe..
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A beautiful Japanese maple with green foliage in spring which turns to bright shades of orange and yellow in autumn. Positioning: Part shade/afternoon shade Size: 6mh x 5mw Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree  ..
Ex Tax:$160.00
A very popular maple which can vary in size, shape and leaf colour due to being grown from seed but makes a beautiful small tree with radiant shades deep orange and crimson. Size: 4m h x 4m w Positioning: Part shade Perfect for: Feature tree, small shade tree, small backyards..
Ex Tax:$140.00
A beautiful structured tree with mid to dark green foliage changing to bursting shades of red autum colour.   Size: 11m h x 7m w Positioning: Best in full sun but also part shade Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree, Large properties  ..
Ex Tax:$140.00
An upright Maple with dark pink/red foliage turning into shades of crimson, orange and red. Positioning: Full sun to part shade Size: 12m h x 9m w Temperament: Frost tolerant, coastal tolerant Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree, large properties, driveways..
Ex Tax:$140.00
This beautiful maple tree has a lovely structure with rich green leaves and changing to a striking red in the autumn.     Growth Size: 13m h x 10m w Temperment: Cold conditions, low level of drought Perfect for: Shade tree, feature tree, lining a driveway, medium to l..
Ex Tax:$390.00
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