Terms & Conditions

Methods of Payment: 

1. Direct Deposit:
Advanced Plants Co uses Direct Deposit as its primary method for payments.  Please contact us by sending an email to info@advancedplants.com.au and we will provide you with our bank account details.
2. PayPal
Paypal is the worlds safest and most secure way of sending money on the internet.  When checking out, select the payment method 'Visa / Mastercard via PayPal' and you'll be redirected to our secure payment page on PayPal in the final step.  Once you have been redirected to PayPal, if you already have a paypal account, you may log in here or you can select 'd'on't have a PayPal account?'  to proceed to payment via credit card.
3. Credit Cards (Via Paypal)
Credit cards may be used with our online shopping service. We do not process your credit card, nor do we take any credit card information.  All credit card payments are processed by PayPal. PayPal offers total privacy and security for your personal and credit card details. Advanced Plants Online accepts the following credit cards via Paypal; 
Returns and Exchanges: 
Advanced Plants Online will gladly refund or exchange plants under the following conditions: 
  • You must advise the delivery driver immediately upon delivery of your plants if you are not happy with the plants (i.e. if you are not home when the plants are delivered you will be responsible for delivery charge of $82.50 to return the plants to us).
  • Refunds/exchange will only be given on damaged plants. 
  • Refunds/exchange will be issued in the form in which you paid us i.e. Paypal or bank transfer.
Stock Unavailable:
In the case you place an order for a plant that subsequently becomes unavailable or there is a delay in delivery, Advanced Plants Online will contact you via email within 24 hours to advise you of the situation and the options available to you are as follows: 
  • Immediate refund
  • Wait until the product is available
  • Replace the product by sourcing from another nursery (extra costs will be incurred)
  • Replace the product with a substitute product
All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.  

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