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About Us

Welcome to Advanced Plants Online, a place where you will find the highest quality Advanced Plants to compliment your surroundings in order to provide you with immediate screening and hedges.   Our usual supplier is a National Award Winning Wholesale Nursery guaranteeing you beautiful landscaping quality plants which have been propagated from cuttings and grown into Advanced Plants.  


We have a qualified Nursery Industry and Horticulturist to provide advice on plant selection so you can have peace of mind in knowing you are getting the right plants for your situation.


Our Advanced Plants come in sizes from 400mm/45L to 400L and we have large quantities to suit large projects down to small garden jobs.  


We deliver all along the East Coast of Australia from Northern Queensland down to South Australia.  See our delivery page for more information on delivery charges HERE.  


If you have found this site but are also after smaller pot sizes and for a larger variety of plants please visit our sister site


We hope to help you find whatever plant you are after, if you are trying to source an Advanced Plant that is not listed on our site please contact us as we have a large wholesale connection with other growers to help find what you are after.  


We pride ourselves on QUALITY PLANTS and fantastic CUSTOMER SERVICE, please email or telephone us with any of your enquiries.