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Feature Trees

An attractive small deciduous tree producing year round colour of dark purple leaves in spring and then turning tones of reds in summer and autumn.   Growth size: 3m w x up to 4m h Positioning: Part sun to shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed areas or hot winds Pe..
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A beautiful Japanese maple with green foliage in spring which turns to bright shades of orange and yellow in autumn. Positioning: Part shade/afternoon shade Size: 6mh x 5mw Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree  400mm - 1.4m tall 75L - 1.8-2m+ tall 100L - 2-2.5m+tall200L - 3-4..
Ex Tax:$180.00
The most popular Japanese Maple which can vary in size, shape and leaf colour due to being grown from seed but makes a beautiful small tree with radiant shades deep orange and crimson. Size: 4m h x 4m w Positioning: Part shade Perfect for: Feature tree, small shade tree, small backyard..
Ex Tax:$180.00
A beautiful structured tree with mid to dark green foliage changing to bursting shades of red autum colour.   Size: Approx 11m h x 7m w Positioning: Best in full sun but also part shade Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree, Large properties  Height Approximat..
Ex Tax:$180.00
An upright Maple with dark pink/red foliage turning into shades of crimson, orange and red. Positioning: Full sun to part shade Size: 12m h x 9m w Temperament: Frost tolerant, coastal tolerant Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree, large properties, drivewaysHeight Approximates for this ..
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This beautiful maple tree has a lovely structure with rich green leaves and changing to a striking red in the autumn.     Growth Size: 13m h x 10m w Temperament: Cold conditions, low level of drought Perfect for: Shade tree, feature tree, lining a driveway, medium to ..
Ex Tax:$390.00
A large hardy and deciduous tree with very interesting fan shaped leaves which are a light green in spring and changing to a spectacular gold/yellow colour in autumn. Size: Up to 15 m tall Growth Rate: Slow Positioning: Full sun to part shade in well draining soilTolerances: Frost tolera..
Ex Tax:$190.00
A fast growing exquisite tree with green foliage which turns to yellow in winter, bearing beautiful bell shaped purple flowers. Size: 10m h x 8mw Positioning: Prefers full sun Temperament: Will tolerate some drought periods Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade tree..
Ex Tax:$180.00
We stock a vast variety of Crepe Myrtles including but not limited to 'Biloxi', 'Fantasy', 'Lipan', 'Natchez', 'Sioux', 'Tonto' and 'Tuscarora' which vary in sizes from small to medium trees.  Crepe Myrtles are deciduous and make a beautiful ornamental tree bursting with bright ..
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A medium to large conical magnolia with glossy green foliage on top and velvety brown underneath and narrow leaves, producing large white and fragrant saucer-shaped flowers appearing in Spring and Summer.  Size: 8-12m h x 5m w Positioning: Full sun to pa..
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Bearing small green glossy leaves with the distinctive Magnolia brown velvet texture underneath, producing beautiful creamy sizeable flowers.   Growth size: 4m h x 3m w  Positioning: Prefers part shade Temperament: Tolerates city pollution Perfect for: Hedgi..
Ex Tax:$260.00
A tight and narrow forming Magnolia with a beautiful form named after it's large oval foliage which looks like teddy bear ears!  With the classic Magnolia green foliage on the top and velvety brown underneath. Size: 3-4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Fr..
Ex Tax:$325.00
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